The 6 Healthiest Foods to Add to Your Diet

January is the #1 month for fresh health and wellness goals. With the holidays behind and the new year ahead, many individuals realize they need to make lifestyle alterations. Whether it’s starting a fitness regimen, spending more time outdoors, sleeping better, or incorporating more healthy foods into their diet, health and wellness are on everyone’s mind. And rightfully so, as the new year is the perfect time to make lifestyle changes.

In order to help you make smart and health-conscious decisions concerning your diet and nutrition, we’ve uncovered what expert dietitians believe are the healthiest additions to your new year’s diet. These foods are packed with nutrients to enable your body to function optimally and keep you energized throughout the day.

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1.) Low-sodium Canned Beans

Beans are considered by many to be one of the healthiest foods you can consume. They are high in fiber and have been proven to help lower cholesterol, regulate a healthy gut, and moderate blood sugar levels. Beans are so good for you they are a key ingredient in the Blue Zone Diet, which is one of the best ways of eating based on regions of the world where the people live the longest. Put simply, beans are so crucial to your health that they can help you live a longer life. Moreover, beans are cost-effective and are easily incorporated into a wide variety of your daily meals.

2.) Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are a sure-fire way to boost your nutrition. In fact, experts tout flax seeds as a superfood. They are jammed with omega-3, which is essential because it helps lower cholesterol and supports brain and heart function. Your body cannot produce omega-3 on its own, so dietitians suggest you turn to flax seeds for your daily dose.

3.) Eggs

Eggs are an excellent and worthwhile food to add to your daily diet. Eggs are an extremely versatile protein that can be utilized at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Eggs give your health a bump by providing micronutrients, antioxidants, and lowering hypertension. While there has been much debate over the health benefits of eggs, experts agree that eggs do more harm than good, but advise that you consume eggs like you would the majority of food–in moderation.

4.) Snow Peas

If you’re looking for a powerhouse plant protein, look no farther than snow peas. Peas are an overlooked veggie. However, they are an amazing protein that, unlike meat, contain zero saturated fat.

5.) Quinoa

Quinoa, also known as a pseudo-grain, is full of vitamins, nutrients, and proteins, which makes it one of the healthiest foods you can eat. This plant-based protein contains all nine essential amino acids, is gluten-free, and boasts a high fiber content. According to research from the Journal of Cereal Science, consuming quinoa can help your heart, digestion system, and metabolic system.

6.) Kale

Last but not least, kale, a green leafy vegetable, is one of the healthiest foods that should be in your diet. While kale is often overlooked, it is rich in vitamins A, B6, and C, calcium, potassium, manganese, and copper. Kale is a versatile vegetable that can be cooked and incorporated into your meals in a host of ways. You can even turn it into chips!

As you experiment with your diet in 2022, consider giving these foods a try. You won’t be disappointed and your body will ultimately thank you.


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Samantha Boesch

Jan. 4, 2022

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