3 Daily Routines to Help You Reduce Stress

How do you deal with stress?

Do you choose to face it head on or do you avoid it at all costs?

Whether you realize it or not, these are important questions to ask yourself because stress is something we all deal with. It isn’t a matter of if you’re going to come face-to-face with stressful situations but when. If you’re like me, you get stressed out very easily and tend not to handle it very well. Yet, like me, you may be working toward finding better ways to manage and reduce your stress. If so, the information in this post may be for you.

It is essential that we learn how to manage and reduce stressful factors in our lives because stress has a major impact on our overall health and wellness. It can affect our mental attitude, physical appearance, and emotional stability. That said, I came across an article online that helped me deal with my stress more effectively, and I wanted to pass along the information.

Learning to control your stress is not as complicated as you might think. In fact, it boils down to three simple daily habits. If you choose to incorporate these habits into your lifestyle you should see a significant improvement. That being said, everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you, so don’t be afraid to experiment and generate your own routines. The more personal you make them, the more likely you are to stick with them and experience success.

3 Rituals to Help You Find Your Zen

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

1.) Set Your Goal

Many of us get stressed because we feel powerless in our lives. We perceive we have no control. That’s why the first thing I found helped me to experience less stress was setting my daily goal. The first thing I do every morning before I get out of bed and head for the coffee maker is set my intention for the day. Aiming your sights on an overarching theme for the day helps you to prioritize and gives you a sense of direction. No matter the waves of life you may face, you can keep your ship on course.

2.) Stay Active

Exercise is a tremendous way to decrease stress. Physcial activity is not only beneficial to the body, but also to the mind and spirit. Enaging in some form of activity will help balance your mood, promote productivity, and cleanse your mindset. Whether it’s a gym session, run on the beach, or taichi class, staying active will enable you to feel energized and empowered.

Not to mention, if you’re already feeling stressed, exercise is a wonderful type of stress relief.

3.) Practice Thankfulness & Contentment

The final ritual I have found helps me master my stress is practicing gratitude. Simply, take a moment and contemplate what you’re thankful for. Be as specific as possible. It might require more brain power, but the extra effort pays off. Consider what your grateful for and why.

For example, I woke this morning and was grateful for my warm bed. That might sound trivial, but not everyone has a warm, cozy bed to fall asleep in at night. Many people around the world don’t even have a place to call home let alone a bed with blankets, sheets, and pillows. In addition, a bed is critical for a good night’s sleep and sleep is crucial for optimal health and wellness.

Whether you’re grateful for your home, car, job family, or pet, cultivating an attitude of thankfulness and contentment helps shift our perspectives, which is key when it comes to managing and reducing stress.

Photo by S Migaj on Pexels.com

These are the three daily customs I have found help me be more successful at living a life with less stress. However, they may not be right for you. You may find that things like prayer, meditation, or therapy work better for you. Find three habits that suit you best and incorporate them into your daily life. Most importantly, remember life will get better. You may be going through a storm at this point in time, but sooner than later the sun will break through the clouds and you will find peace once more.



Hansa D. Bhargava

January 15, 2021

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