Most Common Elderly “Issues” That Can be Avoided While You’re Still Young

If you’re interested to see the damage time can do, look at the older members of society. I know that may sound harsh, but I’m speaking from experience. I had two grandparents who lived well into their 90’s, and while I’m grateful I got to enjoy them as long as I did, it was hard to watch them wear out. Time sure can be a cruel SOB. And it’s impartial. Even those individuals who worked hard throughout their lives to maintain their health and fitness cannot escape the struggles that come with aging. The good news we can slow down or even halt the issues we face as we age by making health-conscious choices while were still young and vibrant.

Limit the Impact Life Has on These Areas…


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Deafness and hearing loss are the two most common conditions elderly people live with on a daily basis. Your ears are incredibly sensitive and can be easily damaged. For example, loud sounds, built-up ear wax, and a range of other avoidable issues can harm the tiny hairs in your ears that carry the vibrations to your brain and cause hearing loss. The best way to maintain your hearing is to protect your ears. Whether you wear headphones, insert earplugs, turn down the volume on your radio, or stay away from cotton swabs, it pays to guard your hearing now so you can hear later.

Joint Pain

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The same joints that enable your arms, legs, back, and fingers to move endure a lot of wear and tear throughout the course of your life. While your bones may heal, the long-term damage that comes with accidents and poor posture leave permanent marks on your joints. Having said that, it’s well worth spending your early years looking after your joints so they will remain healthy as you grow older.


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Having a difficult time breathing is not an issue most people find pleasant or look forward to. Breathing comes naturally to you, so when you find yourself short of breath it can be a very uncomfortable experience. Lifestyle choices, such as smoking and working with aerosols,┬ácan negatively impact your lungs and respiratory system, which makes it harder to breathe down the line. Breathing is perhaps the most important function of your body, so it’s safe to say it’s well worth valuing while you’re still young.


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Being able to perceive the world around you makes life so much more enjoyable. However, as we age our eyes inevitably grow more dim. Interestingly enough, in the digital age our eyes are at an even greater risk. Blue lights and hours of screen time take a toll on our peepers And we can’t forget about that pesky sun. On the bright side, there are ways we can defend our occhi while we’re still young, like wearing sunglasses and glass that block blue light.

We only get one body, which means we have to look after it if we want to feel good once we reach old age. This can be harder than it sounds, but focusing on the most common issues that older people face can be a good way to limit the chances that our later years will be uncomfortable.


The Art of Healthy Living

Rachel Purton

January 28, 2021

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