Most Recommended Exercises for a Healthy Heart

There are many healthy activites you can do that are good for your heart, but one of the best is exercise. Strengthening your heart is guaranteed to promote better health and longeivty. In fact, if you don’t engage in exercise you’re more than twice as likely to contract heart disease. Whether you’re currently living with a heart condition or simply want to prevent heart disease, developing a regular exercise regimen is an intregal first step toward cultivating a stronger, healthier, and happier heart. All it takes is 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. I think you can manage that. Dont you?

To help you get started here are the top six best exercises for fortifying your heart.

Top 6 Exercises to Strengthen Your Heart

1.) Walking

Walking may sound like a simple solution to your heart problems but walking, especially speed walking, is a prime way to strengthen your heart. Walking fast elevates your heart rate and is easy on your joints. Plus, you can pretty much walk anywhere at anytime. It doesn’t require a gym membership or fancy workout equipment. All you need is a pair of comfortable walking shoes, sutibale workout attire, a water bottle, and a little dedication. Make your walks fun by walking with a friend or listening to music or a podcast. Walking is one of the most flexible exercises — just keep doing it.

2.) Weight Training

Lifting weights builds the various mucles in your body including your heart. The nice thing about weight training is it doesn’t require a gym membership, a personal trainer, or complicated machinery. With a little research and practice you can take full advantage of body weight exercises. Exercises like push-ups, squats, or pull-ups help you build muscle and contribute to bone and heart health. They also happen to be some of the most effective exercises. Much like walking, a body weight exercise routine can be practice anywhere and at anytime. The choices are endless.

3.) Swimming

Swimming isn’t just for a lazy summer afternoon. It’s the perfect full-body workout that strengthens your body, which includes your heart. Whether you take an aerobics class or swim laps, swimming is a cool, refreshing exercise that is easy on your joints and one that allows you to work your body without a lot of pain.

4.) Yoga

Although you might not consider yoga a heart-friendly exercise, it’s great for your heart. Yoga boosts your heart health by strengthening and toning your muscles. Plus, certain types of yoga really get your heart rate up while providing a calm and relaxing sensation that helps lower your blood pressure.

5.) Interval Training

Interval training, which alternates between short bursts of high-intensity exercise with longer periods of active recovery, is a excellent way to strengthen your muscles in a short amount of time. It’s very convenient. Moreover, raising and lowering your heart rate helps to burn calories and improve the function of your blood vessels.

6.) Cycling

Biking does more than transport you from place to place. It’s been proven to reduce your risk of heart disease. In addition, it’s been shown to enhance your mental health. Essentially, cycling is effective at promoting heart health because it utilizes the biggest muscle group of your body — your leg muscles — to elevate your heart rate.

Whether you choose to go cycling, take a walk with a friend, or lift weights, regular exercise is essential to taking care of your heart.


Intermountain Healthcare

February 2019

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