10 Ways to Have a Healthy Morning

What comes to your mind when you think about the morning? Chaos? Stress? Busy schedule? Rush hour traffic? With many of us working from home, mornings may be less hectic. Still, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get up and get going. Check out these 10 tips to have a productive and healthy morning.


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The first thing you need to do, even before your feet hit the floor, is to take a deep breath. Before you dive into all the hustle and bustle that awaits, focus on the moment. Be present. Whether through prayer, meditation, yoga, or other means, establish a healthy, peaceful mindset.


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Each day is a brand new opportunity. Begin your day by visualizing what it is you would like to accomplish, make a plan, and lay out a couple of goals. Be inspired by what drives you. Work hard to reflect on the good things in your life and make a conscious effort to practice gratitude.

Go Tech free

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As great as technology is, sometimes checking social media and email can stimulate negativity. Before jumping into the digital world, set aside a few moments every morning to go without technology. Instead, invest in some healthy habits that will feed your mind and soul.


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Exercising in the morning is a sure-fire way to get the day started on the right track. It helps get your blood pumping and creative juices flowing. It also instills you with more energy.

Consume a nutritious breakfast

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Food is fuel. If you’re going to make it through the day, you need to fuel your body first thing. By filling your body with a hearty breakfast, you’ll kickstart that metabolism and have the energy needed for a productive day.


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You’d be surprised how much writing impacts your mental health. Suffice it to say, writing does wonders for the brain. For instance, writing or journaling can be great for your anxiety, depression, and stress.


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Don’t reach for your coffee mug first thing in the morning. Rather, pour yourself a glass of H2O. Your primary concern after you rise out of bed is rehydrating your dehydrated body. After all, your body just went 7-8 hours without a single drop to drink. Starting your day with a crisp, cool glass of water will fuel your brain and help you function throughout the day. 


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Stretching wakes your body up and alerts your muscles that it is time to get going. Not to mention, it improves your blood flow after laying in bed all night. It’s important to stretch for the day ahead filled with activity and tasks. You’ll feel more energized and will notice a significant improvement in your overall health.

Bask in the sun

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Vitamin D is what your body needs when it is looking for a boost. Taking advantage of the outdoors improves your mood and reduces stress. If you’re stuck inside all day, make an effort to get outside. Breakfast on the porch or patio may be just what you need to see you through the day ahead.


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Nothing says, ‘Good morning’ like a hot shower. Morning showers can help decrease stress and improve immune function. In addition, some of the best ideas are thought of in the shower!

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June 22, 2020

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