Top 10 Health Benefits of Swimming

As a child learning to swim is one of the main obstacles you face, and depending on your upbringing you may have never overcome this hurdle. I, myself, hated swimming lessons. In the end, I did learn how to swim, but the fact that I hate the water means I don’t use my swimming skills very often. Nevertheless, swimming is an important tool to have in your tool belt. You may never know when it might come in handy. Plus, it boasts a multitude of health benefits. Below are 10 reasons why you should take a dive and make a splash.

1.) A full-body workout

Swimming is known for its ability to workout your entire body. The fact that swimming engages nearly all of your muscles means toned muscles, enhanced strength and endurance, and improved total fitness.

2.) Cardiactic Support

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Swimming does wonders for your cardiovascular health. Since swimming requires the whole body, it requires increased blood flow to your muscles, which causes the heart to pump harder and faster.

3.) Easy on joints

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Swimming is a low-impact exercise, which means it goes easy on your joints. Unlike running, walking, and biking, swimming is performed in a completely different medium – water. Water allows for less of an impact on your body, especially your bones and joints. So if you suffer from arthritis, injuries, or disabilities, swimming is the ideal workout for you.

4.) Calorie Burner

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If you want to burn calories quickly and efficiently, then you need to jump into the water. Compared to walking, running, and cycling, swimming is the no brainer option.

5.) A sweatless exercise

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You’re usually sweating after a heart-thumping workout. However, with swimming your body is immersed in cool liquid, which helps keep your body temperature low.

6.) Improved sleep

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Swimming is an aerobic exercise and as such it requires a ton of energy. Having said that, most people find it easier to fall asleep after a session in the water.

7.) Mood Booster

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Regardless of whether your training for a triathlon or swimming for leisure, paddling through the water has been proven to improve one’s mood. Exercise, in general, is a great way to bolster your mood, but swimming is an especially effective way to look good and feel your best.

8.) Assists with pregnancy

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Research shows that swimming while pregnant helps with complications and increases maternal well-being.

9.) Keeps you cool

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With summer well underway, it’s essential to know how to keep cool. Taking a dip in your local pool, river, lake, pond or ocean can be a fun and healthy way to cool down.

10.) Fun for all ages

No matter your age, swimming is a recipe for a good time. It’s a great way to socialize, cool off, hone an important skill, make memories, and stay active.

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June 24, 2020

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