Why There is a Rise in Adult Acne

If you enjoy fatty foods, sweet treats, and dairy, you might have a higher risk of adult acne. A recent study found that foods such as chocolate milk and other sugary drinks can trigger an acne outbreak. In fact, researchers found that drinking five glasses of either milk or other sugary drinks per day increased the risk of acne by more than 50%.

However, it isn’t just fatty and sugary drinks that spawn acne. Fatty and sugary foods also pose a serious problem. For instance, a single portion of fatty foods such as french fries or doughnuts increased the risk of acne by 54%.

What causes the acne

According to research, a diet high in sugar as well as the excessive consumption of dairy causes a rise in insulin. This, in turn, stimulates cell production while inhibiting cell death, which promotes inflammation and acne development.

In addition, the increased insulin levels encourages the production of hormones that create sebum, which can potentially cause acne.

Dietary Changes

Alterations in your diet may be the solution to your acne problem. If dairy products are causing the issue, there are other ways to consume vital nutrients such as calcium and protein. For example, you can substitute animal milk for nut milk such as almond milk.

And what about chocolate?

According to multiple studies, milk chocolate increased acne outbreak by 28%. While everyone is unique and will react differently to the consumption of chocolate, there is no denying that it is linked to acne production. This news is troublesome to many people, especially chocolate milk drinkers; however, there is an alternative to milk chocolate – dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has many health perks and satisfies the sweet tooth. If it turns out milk chocolate is indeed causing your acne outbreaks, cut back on your consumption or turn to healthier alternatives.

Final Thoughts

Adult acne is undoubtedly on the rise. While the exact reasons have yet to be determined, research points to the possibility of fatty and sugary foods. Other potential causes include stress, fluctuating hormone levels, or new medications. If you struggle with acne and are an adult between the ages of 30 and 50, talk to your doctor or chiropractor about potential lifestyle and dietary changes.



 Elizabeth Pratt

June 22, 2020

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