How to Maintain Your Neck Posture While Reading

Your posture is something you either pay close attention to or shrug off. Having said that, certain activities promote good posture while others tend to cause difficulties. Case in point, curling up with a good book. While the many creative and unique positions you find yourself in while reading a book may seem cozy, they’re not good for your spine, especially your neck.

Much like texting, reading a book naturally draws your head forward, which puts extra strain on your neck, upper back, and shoulders. For every inch your head hangs down, 10 pounds of additional stress is added to your neck, shoulder, and back muscles. This added pressure results in health disorders, such as nerve impingement, arthritis, disc injury, and muscle pain.

According to chiropractors, the first step to maintaining good posture while reading is keeping your feet planted firmly on the floor. The second step is bringing your book closer to your head rather than moving your head closer to your book. The third step is sitting up straight. That means avoid reading while lying down. The fourth step is positioning a pillow behind your lower back in order to maintain optimal support. Finally, grab one more pillow and place it on your lap to help your arms hold your book.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you should instantly notice a considerable improvement in how your body feels as you get lost in the pages.

Your Spine is Your LifeLine.

Take care of it with chiropractic care.

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