Streamline Your Health by Rollerblading

While rollerblading might seem outdated and old-fashioned, it is an amazing workout that is making a comeback. Rollerblading is more than just a means of transportation, it is a full-body workout that helps you slim down, tone up, increase your endurance, improve your balance, boost your mood, and more. So, strap on a helmet, knee pads, and a pair of skates and hit the open road.

Health Benefits of Rollerblading

Increases Endurance

Rollerblading can help you go the distance. Overtime you can go for hours without getting fatigued. This is useful in multiple situations (wink wink). In order to build up your endurance, improve your balance, and quicken your reflexes, practice for a half hour to 2 hours per week. Not only will you see an improvement in your stamina, but you will experience the joy of being free and light-hearted.

Improves Coordination

Rollerblading takes a little bit of practice to get use to, but once you get the hang of it it can improve your flexibility and coordination tenfold. The exercise forces you to even out your balance by enabling you to establish your center of gravity. Much like yoga, the more you practice, the more graceful you become.

Exceptional Cardio

If you don’t like walking, running, biking, hiking, or swimming, rollerblading is a great alternative. Rollerblading gets your heart pumping and puts your lungs to work, both of which are essential in aerobic exercise.

Useful for Weight Loss

Cardio and calorie counting are crucial when striving to shed those few extra pounds; however, it can be hard to get in the necessary cardio if you’re not a fan of running, walking, biking, etc. That’s where activities, such as rollerblading, comes in handy. 30 minutes of steady skating at a comfortable pace can burn between 210 and 311 calories, while 30 minutes of interval skating can help you burn up to 450 calories in just a single bout.

Strengthens Your Lower Body

The natural side-to-side motion of skating is ideal for trimming the thighs, strengthening the quads, and lifting the glutes. In addition, it’s a great low-impact exercise that does not shock or damage your joints.

Clears Your Head

The swift and repetitive movement of skating helps keep you present and offers reprieve from constant noise. Listening to music or a podcast while skating can help get you in a groove. If you wear headphones while you rollerblade be sure to remain cautious and alert.

Your Spine is Your Lifeline

Take care of it with chiropractic care.

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Health Fitness Revolution

 April 25, 2020

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